The Klamath and Lake Counties Villages

Klamath and Lake Villages are a centralized, non-profit, volunteer driven organization that coordinates services to help people remain independent and thrive.

The Villages are not a place, they are:
…an affordable alternative to living with our adult children or moving to a care facility
…a safe way to receive the services we want or need with just one phone call
… a way to remain connected to family, friends, & community without feeling isolated
… part of large, growing network of Village across the county.

The aging population in Klamath and Lake Counties are one of the highest per capita of Oregon counties.  In the U.S., a doubling of adults aged 65 and over is expected by 2030. This trend presents challenges in providing services and support within a community.

The Village Model is a managed database clearing house with diversely skilled volunteers and key partnerships to meet the needs of older adults and people with disabilities. Funding is provided through grants and foundations. Staffing is provided through Klamath and Lake Counties Council on Aging. 


  • Reduce isolation and trauma
  • Provide maintenance for challenged living situations
  • Strengthen connection to the community
  • Avoid often unaffordable institutional care
  • A way for community members, youth groups and businesses to give back to their community

Examples of services provided:

  • Information referrals to service agencies
  • Home health care and physician appointments
  • Access to transportation services
  • Assistance with household tasks such as moving furniture and general housework
  • Handiwork, i.e., electrical, plumbing and technical services
  • Friendly visits

Emerging in Boston over 15 years ago, the Village movement is a growing option throughout the United States. Today there are over 200 open Villages and more than 150 in development throughout the United States including several in Oregon. In 2010, the Village to Village network, a national organization, was formed. The emphasis is on strengthening community, providing opportunities for volunteerism and minimizing isolation in the population served.


YOU can help our villages with your expertise and desire to help seniors and adults with disabilities. Go to the Klamath and Lake Counties Village Web at to find out more or to sign up to be a volunteer. You can also call the KLCCOA office at 541-205–5400 for more information.


YOU can go to the website at and request a volunteer to help you with your needs or call the KLCCOA office at 541-205-5400 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator. They will do all the work for you.